Flores Family

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


These guys were troopers! We started off with a miscommunication about where we would meet, which delayed us for about 20 minutes. Luckily when we found each other, we still had light and a gorgeous location on our side.  These two kids were amazing - so easy-going! They were great about playing together and loved making huge bubbles and tickle fights.  We spent only 30 minutes together, which was perfect for the young kids and they still got TONS of great photos so they can remember these days together as a young family.


Life in Raleigh

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

For those who may not know, we moved from Rochester NY to Raleigh NC  in April of this year.   It was a very sudden and unexpected move, and during that time and for the past several months, I took a break from my photography as we got settled.  Now I am back at it with a new website and have changed up how I do my sessions a little bit.

Over the past few years as I have photographed my 2 little boys, I have come to love and have a major passion for lifestyle photography.  As much as I love posing families, it is so much more fun to let everyone relax a little, take some time, and get genuine smiles.  To do this, I love to go on "Adventures" with families.  We either meet at their home and I photograph some of their everyday lives and details - board games, reading together, jumping on the bed, making breakfast together, etc. Or, we can meet at a location and do something fun outdoors - get ice cream cones, splash in a creek, make s'mores, have a tickle fight, and so much more.  I find that it makes everyone more relaxed and husbands and kids don't dread a photography session.  Plus, a huge bonus is that the family gets amazing photos of their family having FUN and laughing together and you can see their love for each other in the images.  I like to do a couple posed photos too, just for Christmas cards or Grandma.  But in general, I find that everyone loves how the session feels more real and authentic, and it shows in the images.

So if you're new here, or even if you've been a client for years, I'd love if you would check out my updated website and my portfolio.  I am no longer in Rochester, but I do visit throughout the year - so if you are in Upstate NY and are interested in my work, contact me!   And if you're in Raleigh, awesome! Email or call me and we will figure out the best adventure for your family!


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