Meet Elizabeth

Started in 2011, Elizabeth Amber Photography has been photographing beautiful families and and making memories on adventures in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas. I love to include some playing and fun during your session, which is a great way to get authentic, real smiles, giggles and snuggles. Bring on the bubbles, ice cream cones, twirling and dancing. While you tickle and laugh with each other, I will capture the connections and closeness you share in a beautiful location.

Where it all started

After falling in love with photography as a child, and going through many a disposable and early digital camera (floppy disk storage!), it was a dark room photography class and encouraging teacher in High School that clinched my passion and I've been taking photographs ever since. In college I started regularly using my camera on anyone who would let me; nieces, nephews, roommates. No one was safe! Once I was married in 2011, I jumped feet-first into building a business and honing my craft. I have had the priviledge of photographing many beautiful families, newborns, young love, seniors and a few weddings and I can truly say that I adore what I do. I take near-daily photographs of my 3 children, and love any opportunity I can get to share my passion with others.

My Job

With nearly 10 years in this business, I've seen it all and almost nothing phases me anymore. Cranky screaming kids, a spouse who'd rather be anywhere else, stains on clothes and horrible weather - we can roll through it all and it will be fine, and you will get great photos. I'm a mom, I know what it is like trying to wrangle your kids while trying to keep everyone looking nice, I've been there! I will pull out all my tricks and games to get those giggles and smiles. We will pick a stunning location and I will position you all so you look the best you can, and your photos will be beautiful. Your job is to relax and play while I do my magic!